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At General Pallet, we provide a diverse selection of recycled pallets, such as 48×40 Grade A and B pallets, chemical pallets, drum pallets, and Euro pallets. Our recycled wooden pallets have undergone repairs, which involve replacing broken boards and splinting broken stringers, while maintaining the pallet's original size. This extends their life, lowers their cost, and is better for the environment.  Consider our reconditioned pallets for a sustainable and economical solution to your pallet requirements!

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grade a pallets

Grade A - 48x40

"Grade A" pallets are pallets that have been repaired and were initially constructed to meet a 48x40 specification.

They are more visually appealing than "Grade B" pallets and do not have any damaged boards or stringers. Some businesses in our industry may refer to them as "Number 1" grade.

Boards are the pallet's top and bottom pieces of wood, while stringers are the perpendicular pieces between the boards running in the same direction as forklift tines.

Grade B - 48x40

Our "Grade B" pallets also follow the 48x40 specification but have undergone more extensive repairs and may look less new. This class of pallets has repairs to the stringers, which may block access from the side of the pallet. They are also known as "Number 2" grade pallets and are priced more affordably than Grade A pallets.

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Some of our reconditioned options

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    48x48 drum pallets - 3 or 4 stringers

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    Euro pallets

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    Custom pallets built using reconditioned material

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