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Imagine having one point of contact for all your pallet needs!

As a national pallet provider, our national accounts team is committed to working with you, no matter where you're located, to add value to your pallet procurement program. We can simplify your ordering process via our national network of vetted and experienced pallet partners.

We leverage our understanding of the lumber and pallet markets to ensure you get the best price every time you place an order. Whether your pallet needs are for new or reconditioned, custom or standard, heat-treated for international shipping, or for use right here in the USA, General Pallet's national pallet program has you covered.

Contact us BEFORE you issue your next RFP and we'll help you through the process -- at no charge!  All it takes is to begin a conversation with us, we'll help you gather the data required, and we'll ensure clear pallet specifications from the start.  We'll even review your designs to ensure your current pallets are not over or under specified!

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Choose General Pallet today, and experience the difference that comes with working with a team dedicated to your success. Before you issue an RFP, call General Pallet and allow us to show you a better way to achieve the best service and price without the hassle of a complicated RFP.

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"At General Pallet, we value relationships above all. Our commitment to excellence is expressed through our unparalleled quality and service, which are rooted in the strong partnerships we cultivate with our clients."

Jeff D'Amour - CEO.

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