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At General Pallet, we specialize in crafting superior wooden shipping crates suitable for various industrial, commercial, and residential purposes. Our products are designed to guarantee the safety of your cargo during transportation, as we adhere to the highest quality standards. No matter the size of your cargo, our products can be customized and tailored to your specific requirements. All of our crates are heat-treated and certified to meet ISPM-15 export requirements.

Outstanding crate design provides many advantages. The shipper ensures the best protection of its products and achieves lower shipping costs for lighter weight and lower space requirements. The carrier gains from lower liability costs as well as efficient use of its vehicles. The consumer benefits from the lower prices made possible for the goods shipped.  And we all achieve the benefits of creating a greener and more sustainable planet!

General Pallet's design approach ensures that all of these aspects are taken into consideration as we plan and execute your container design.  Explore our variety of construction options below or contact us via phone or e-mail to discuss your specific needs.  We will design a solution to ensure the safe transportation of your cargo.  After all, we help the world deliver!


Some of our crating options

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    Plywood Panel

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    Standard Containers

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    Spec Built

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    Open Top Containers

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    Light Duty

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    Oversized & Large Containers

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    Agricultural Boxes

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    Side or Top Load Containers

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    Heat Treatment & Certification

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    Heavy Duty Boxes and Containers

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