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Boxes & Crates

Custom Boxes & Crates

General Pallet will  Builds Crates and Boxes to Your Specifications

General Pallet manufactures the highest quality wooden shipping crates for a variety of industrial, commercial and residential uses. We build all of our custom crates to the highest standards to help protect your cargo during shipment.

We Offer the Highest Quality Crates:

  • Plywood Panel Crates
  • Standard & Custom Crates
  • Standard & Custom Boxes
  • Open Crates
  • Light Duty Crates
  • Heavy Duty Crates
  • Heat Treated Crates

Some of our Crates & Boxes include:

  • Industrial Shipping Crates
  • Production Crates
  • Ramp Shipping Crates - Built in ramp for easy loading & unloading
  • Motorcycle Shipping Crates
  • Commercial Shipping Crates - for Businesses to Ship Large items
  • Household uses- chandeliers, art work, sculptors
  • Trade Show Shipping Crates

Need more room? Larger Crates Available

Custom Crates